About me

I am always searching the unusual, the special and new ideas for travellers, for culture enthusiasts, for discoverers and connoisseurs. Far away from the everyday and well-trodden paths, I research with the greatest attention and care on the spot. Exciting topics and impressive photographs are the result and they join together to fascinating and enjoyable reportages, features and stories.

My great love and my particularly passion is writing but I am also home in photography. I am painting pictures with both, conjure words up to the wall, throw highlights into the dark. I offer known viewpoints, so that the viewer found himself in it and new prospects, for exciting and exploring perspectives.

As a generalist, I´ am also home in technical, economic and scientific subjects, particularly in the themes: biology, chemistry, medicine, environment and technology as well as in the marketing, business administration, politics, the European market and intercultural cooperation.

My strengths are texts with high information contents, a lively and expressive language, a strategic concept and with a narrative one or documentary intention. My competences are interdisciplinary unite imagination with knowledge, creativity with analytical thinking and search strength with language skill. My personal abilities leave me recognizes beauty and uniqueness in everything surrounds me and unifies apparently contradictory into one.