Public Relation and Advertising
Always hit the right note: press reports or PR articles will bring your company, your special offer or your message into the media, the press or the public spotlight. The Luxury-Guide offers advertising for flyers, prospectuses, Internet & Co. Starting from the slogan up to product brochures. Prepared with the right seasoning, the shot of creativity, finesse and esprit with is necessary to activate the desire of your customers.

Reports and editorials
Reports, features or campaigns. Thoroughly researched – well informed and always up-to-date on the newest developments. Creative, fresh and trendy or sophisticated and serious. The Luxury-Guide offers you a wide range of texts, lecture notes    and magazine articles.

For editorial offices and media companies the Luxury-Guide writes newsletters, bulletins, advices, announcement and notes. Directly on-site, in the field or at the home office. Tailored exactly to the reader, the medium and the target group.

Translation and Language Services
The Luxury-Guide provide a full range of language and business services including professional translation, interpretation, website translation, subtitling and multicultural marketing. Every industry has its own specific terminology and many companies use words that have been dictated by their brand.

It is critical that any finished copy does take this all into account and exactly the right words are used – at the right time. I have vast experience of translations for the travel and tourism industries, art and culture, marketing and advertising.

Network and contacts
Hundreds of worldwide contacts keep in touch with the Luxury-Guide, which offers a wide range of possibilities. There is a solution for everything. In the network of the Editorial Office France are businessmen, directors of agencies, actors, architects, brokers, lawyers, hoteliers, chefs, star cockers, doctors, artists, intellectuals, journalists, authors, press agents, writers, cruise organizers, tourist managers, VIP´s, freelancers….The Luxury-Guide offers: information, research, contacts, real estate brokerage, costumers, business and cooperation partners.

German in Marseille, in the Provence and at the Côte d’ Azur
Information about German-speaking suite apartment renting, doctors and advocates, cafés, guest guides, real estate agents, travel agencies, restaurants, translators, events, organizations and unions, newspapers and magazines etc., etc., etc. in Marseilles, in the Provence and at the Côte d’Azur.